RFID systems and complete solutions

The abbreviation RFID stands for "Radio frequency identification" and means in German about as much as radio detection.


This technology enables the automatic identification of goods, persons or animals without any contact and clearly by radio communication. Corresponding data are read and stored without physical or visual contact.

The IBE AG develops and implements system solutions for global and local tracking and tracing with the help of radio labels (RFID tags or RFID labels) for business, science and public institutions. We close the gaps in your IT systems, which previously had to be bridged by manual data input. The information is now exchanged via radio waves between RFID tag and RFID label and reader.

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RFID tags and labels can be implemented actively or passively. Active labels and tags have their own power supply via a battery to reach higher ranges or to provide additional functionality. Passive labels and tags are only activated by the energy of an electromagnetic field of the reading device. This provides the required operating voltage.


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Your benefits

■ Connection to your existing IT infrastructure
■ Highest efficiency of your processes
■ Increase the flexibility and functionality of your production, warehousing and distribution logistics
■ Optimizing your supply chain management
■ Assuring quality
■ Implementation and set-up in Industry 4.0

A detailed analysis and consultation is the starting point for every customer requirement. RFID capture solutions can range from simple handheld scanners to complete systems, which is why we work with you to identify RFID application areas and application scenarios for your company, check technical feasibility, evaluate the benefits and your potential for optimization.

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This gives you a solid basis for the decision for the next steps and your future-oriented business processes.

What we can do for you:

■ Development of optimized or new business processes based on RFID
■ Integration of RFID technology in total or partial processes of your supply chain
■ Goods tracking within the supply chain
■ Automated Data management
■ Automated tracking 

Based on our analysis results, we develop a process-oriented RFID concept for you.

Our objective is to provide our customers with an optimal RFID solution. This includes not only the technical and organisational criteria, but also the benefits and improvement of the process results. These thoughts guide us in developing the optimal approach to the development and implementation of your future RFID system.

In accordance with your requirements, IBE AG creates a concept within a short period of time, which includes the following points:

■ Business Case specific technical analysis
■ Concept development of your software solution
■ Feasibility study or feasibility investigation
■ Development of the technical specification
■ Project planning, milestone definition

The IBE AG integrates all necessary RFID components into your existing process chain in the conception and implementation.

In order for the processes within your company to continue smoothly, we coordinate all measures for the integration of your RFID solution into your existing IT system in such a way that no disruption of your normal business processes can be felt. Any restrictions that may arise are reduced to a minimum. In close coordination with all parties involved, we ensure the highest possible availability of your systems during implementation. This includes test runs and simulation of error cases as well as complete system documentation for users and administrators.

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